I feel very fortunate to be able to speak to various groups every week about the many benefits of adopting an attitude of gratitude for your life.  As a result, many people tell me about their various struggles as they navigate their path through life.

Recently, someone said to me, I think that occasionally you have to hit the rest button!  I thought what a great way to look at it when life gets a little sideways.  One thing we know is that life will be a series of ups and downs, and maybe when it’s down, hitting the reset button makes some sense.

As you can imagine, saying that is one thing, and doing it is sometimes another thing.  If an individual frames their life with everything that they are grateful for, hitting that reset button will be even more efficient and effective.

The next time your having one of those days, get grateful, write in your gratitude journal, then hit the reset button and you may be surprised to see your attitude improve the next day.