Signature Programs

“Maximizing Your Gratitude Attitude”

Are you tired & overwhelmed from dealing with the stress of our current state of affairs?  Has it been difficult to maintain a positive attitude?  Do you need some gratitude reinforcement to get you motivated again?  This presentation will help you to overcome those issues and more.  Key takeaways:

  • Key gratitude exercises that create a positive mindset
  • Interactive practices to reinforce your self-esteem
  • How a gratitude journal transforms your daily life

“Accelerating Leadership Principles Through Gratitude”

This is NOT your typical robotic presentation with tons of Power Point slides, instead, it is a very interactive, humorous, fun, and engaging talk that includes high energy, exercises, eye contact, and numerous takeaways to use in your everyday life. Using simple exercises to break old habits & beliefs, you are able to re-program & re-energize your outlook to an extremely positive mindset.  Key takeaways:

  • Improved workplace attitude and appreciation for the job
  • An understanding of the most important relationship you have
  • Increased happiness, a better attitude, & higher expectations

“Gratitude Creates Peak Performance”

This enlightening and empowering keynote gives you the tools & techniques to take charge of your life and attitude at work. Whether you are struggling on the job, can't manage your time effectively, or need to reframe and refocus your attitude, then this is the program that will get you headed in the right direction.  Key takeaways:

  • Better communication with management, co-workers, & families
  • Higher productivity, improved workload, increased morale
  • Tools/techniques to keep focused on an “attitude of gratitude”

“Happiness Starts With Gratitude”

There may never be a more important time to understand the power of a gratitude mindset than during the current anxiety ridden environment  we experience.  My program demonstrates how gratitude has transformed countless lives in a world of way too many unhealthy coping mechanisms.  Key takeaways:

  • How gratitude can overcome any life-changing event
  • The power of the “You Are” exercise & 60-second challenge
  • How writing in a daily gratitude journal can change a life