Brain Wiring Gratitude

As I continue to speak to groups with my classes and workshops, I am asked on a regular basis…. What should I be writing about in my gratitude journal?  Now, as a rule, I really like to have people come up with their own blessings to include in their journal representing all of the things they are grateful for.

But sometimes I just can’t help myself when I mention that at least 2-3 times a week, I write in my gratitude journal just how grateful I am for the wiring that is between my temples.  It’s easy to forget about that until you see someone much less fortunate than you are.  I happen to believe that we come pre-wired, and are just fortunate that the wires go to the right place.

I also know from experience as I have a younger brother that is schizophrenic, and has suffered from his disease from about the time he was 12 years old.  Everyone in our family refers to him as “Jimmy” and I realized one day that that could have been me…. The one with the bad wiring named “Davey”

It reminds me how grateful I am for seemingly good brain wiring… or I like to say Brain Wiring Gratitude

David George Brooke - That Gratitude Guy, has been a speaker, coach, and best-selling author for over 25 years. He is a former Nordstrom store manager and has managed in the corporate world for over 30 years. His published works include “That Gratitude Guy’s Daily Gratitude Journal”, “Monday Morning Minutes: 100 Messages of Gratitude”, “Six-Word Lessons to Embrace Gratitude” and a number of other books on gratitude. As a result of his passion for gratitude he has presented over 850 speeches & workshops in the past 9 years, including over 100 Zoom presentations in the last 2 years during the pandemic. He travels nationally and internationally to deliver this important message. He has over 1700 gratitude videos on YouTube, and over 1500 subscribers. Thousands have seen his message, and he is now considered a leading authority on how living a life of gratitude can enhance and improve your life both personally and professionally. He resides in Seattle, Washington.

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