Cherish Every Moment

My youngest son was just in town for a visit.   Of course, the time flew by while he was here, and it reminded me of how it just seemed like yesterday that he was a toddler.

Whether you have children, or have just noticed how fast life goes by, the best advice I was recently given was to “Cherish Every Moment”

Naturally, some things are easier said than done, however having a daily focus on gratitude really does help you to “Cherish Every Moment”

By embracing a gratitude mindset, and writing in a daily gratitude journal, one is able to maintain a very present mindset.  If you’re curious what a non-present mindset is, just think about your friends that are talking to you while they are doing things on their phones.

Gratitude keeps you present, thankful, appreciative, focused on now, and maybe most importantly, gives you the ability to really “Cherish Every Moment” because, remember, the most important day of your life is today.

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