Do You Really Want to Change Your Life?

How many of you wish you could improve your day-to-day life in some form or fashion in the future?  Last week we talked about how many people seem to be unhappy.  So how can you change your life?

What is your greatest asset?  It’s not your car, home, bank accounts, etc.……

I think its YOUR ABILITY to get up everyday, enjoy your life, go to work, and  to make your life tick.

There are 24 hours in a day. 8- Sleep, 8-9 work, 1-2 travel time….and maybe  6-7 left over. Would 10-15 minutes per day help change your life and be a difficult amount of time to invest in yourself?  We often hear about “Wellness” in health benefits.

More people lose sleep, have low productivity in their work and have more mood swings from the mental stress they carry but still don’t spend even 10 minutes a day to help themselves.

The easy button has become the American dream, which is usually in pill form. Take a pill…………..

You can’t learn to ride a bike sitting in a classroom. You need to practice each day, fall a few times, and keep doing it until you have it.

Try a Gratitude Journal……They work!

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