Get Off the Damn Phone

Earlier this week I was in a Starbucks, a place I spend a considerable amount of time, and I watched a customer wait in line, order his drink, and pick it up while the whole time he was on his cell phone.

What has happened to our society, our sense of community, and most of all our common courtesy?  It took all the restraint that I could muster to keep from saying “Get Off The Damn Phone” He never said hello, thank you, or anything else, just ordered his drink as he was talking away.

Every person that I have ever meant has told me about ups and downs in their life.  It’s never all up or all down.  I am so passionate about using gratitude to get you through the challenging times, and enhance things when times are good.

It’s so valuable to be grateful for all of the things we have in our life, including the convenience of a cell phone.  How about we put the down occasionally and interact with people the way we used to?

Friends are one of the most valuable resources you can have in your life.  So, maybe just occasionally, Get Off The Damn Phone, and tell a friend how grateful you are to have them in your life.  Your friend will appreciate it more than you know

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