I Feel a Pain that No One Else Can Feel

Recently someone made this statement to me…… I feel a pain that no one else can feel.  As I thought about it, of course, it was true that none of us can truly feel someone else’s pain or suffering.  It’s been said, walk a mile in their shoes…. But that is impossible.  It’s like someone else trying to scratch your itch.

Even though you try to imagine walking in someone else’s shoes, I do believe by listening and relating to similar events, you can compare at least walking in a parallel path.

By embracing gratitude and living a life that is directed by an attitude of gratitude, one is able to appreciate their own blessings, and is in a much better frame of mind to appreciate someone else’s journey.

It is your journey, and it is advisable to run your own race, however, by seeing your life from a grateful viewpoint, I contend you are much better prepared to help those that are not as fortunate as you.

I continue to say, if you want to help yourself, help others.  And remember to use gratitude, just like putting that air mask on you first………

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