Rotating Your Tires

Now it seems that if you talk to most people about their cars, one of the things they often say is…. It’s important to rotate your tires. 

When pressed, they will say it’s wise because it keeps the wheels balanced, extends the life of the tires, and is probably safer.

So how often do you do routine maintenance on your mind?

We all get off track occasionally.  What are you doing to help guide you back on track again?  Someone said to me the other day……Life wasn’t designed to be easy.  I thought that’s a good point.

So just like rotating your tires, changing your oil, and so on for your car…. What routine maintenance tasks are you performing on your mind and mindset?

One of the reasons that writing in a daily gratitude journal is so helpful is that it keeps your mind and mindset focused on what you have.  Whenever you focus on what you have, you will naturally develop a more positive attitude.  Where your focus goes your energy flows.

So the next time your rotating your tires at the tire shop, take a moment while you are waiting to write in your gratitude journal and you’ll notice that it will extend the life of you as well……

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