The Best Things in Life, Aren’t Things

I have clearly found my labor of love, is spreading the word about the power of embracing gratitude, and using a gratitude journal.

As I have continued to do short “special guest” videos, I have noticed that what most people are grateful for seems to be many of the same things.  It does seem that the best things in life, aren’t things.

As you listen to people express their gratitude for their health, their children, their families, their friends, you just don’t here any one mention “things.”  I’ve never heard anybody say how grateful they were for their car!!

So, today, spend a few minutes and think about all that you are grateful for, and what your labors of love are!!

Now, The Gratitude Tip of the Day… When you write in your gratitude journal, try to always prioritize and write the most important things first.  This reinforces the most powerful thoughts in your mind.

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