Without Suffering, There Would Be No Compassion

Lately, as I have been sending out gratitude videos and doing speeches and workshops, I have received an alarming number of notes and emails from people that are clearly suffering and see little or no hope in their lives.

Embracing gratitude helps to keep us focused on what we have and not worry about what we don’t have.  This seems more important than ever, as these notes talk about what is missing in someone’s life.  Several of them talked about a loss of passion, purpose, or meaning for their life.

As difficult as life can be, I do believe that without suffering, there would be no compassion.  I think we have to see down to truly appreciate up.  We still get to make a choice everyday, whether we want to be positive or negative, but it doesn’t mean that every day is easy.

When we have those tough days, it definitely will give us a higher appreciation for those good days that will be coming.

Gratitude and a gratitude journal will keep you focused on the right things, and maybe, just maybe keep you from dropping down into despair.   Just like Alka Seltzer…..Try it, You’ll like it.

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